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Creating an Action Plan to Reduce

Obesity in DC  


Rates of overweight and obesity had reached epidemic proportions among adults and children throughout DC with an unequal distribution by ward, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. More than five in 10 of all adults living in the District (55%) are overweight or obese; these rates climb to 72% in some of the District’s most underserved areas.  Approximately one out of every three children living in the District is at risk of over-weight or is overweight, one of the highest rates in the country.  No comprehensive plan existed that could bring together and guide various DC agencies, community organizations, residents, and funders in a step wise pursuit of  policies and activities to solve the overweight and obesity challenge in DC.



ABCD, on a contract with the DC Department of Health Community Health Administration,

  • Advised DC agency staff and leaders from the faith-based community, worksites, schools, medical and healthcare professionals, food services and retail establishments, and parks, recreational and physical activity venues through the planning process to create a comprehensive plan to reduce obesity and overweight rates in DC.

  • Convened sessions with more than 250 stakeholders and over 100 residents to gain input on factors that contributed to obesity and on what policies, programs, services, and environments to improve and encourage self-management of healthy habits and healthy weight.

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