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  Child Care Training on Nutrition  

  and Physical Activity  


Of particular concern is the growing rate of young children who carry excess body weight – 11% of children 2-5 year olds.  The 2008 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey showed that almost one in four children and adolescents are overweight in DC and the adult obesity rate is higher in certain areas of the city than in others.  Those areas are more likely to have families with lower average income and literacy levels, who report limited control over food selections and poor access to affordable, healthy foods and nutrition education. Around the country, child care- and school-based interventions have been shown to improve children’s diets, increase physical activity, and reduce sedentary time. 



ABCD, with grant from the DC Department of Health, Community Health Administration,

  • Facilitated collaborations among child care providers, health professionals, representatives from DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education and Department of Health, and local consumer groups to create training materials and program for providers to ensure compliance with new regulations regarding healthy food offerings and physical activity.

  • Conducted Child Care Wellness Training for providers in licensed child care centers and family day care homes.

  • Trained more than 100 DC child care providers and created video and series of podcasts of the training for additional providers

  • Gained commitment from trained providers to implement the new rules that are included in District’s licensing process.

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